Product Features

Organize Your Shopping

Easily find any product you've browsed.

Compare Prices & Save

Save time and money by seeing prices across retailers.

Get Price Alerts

Get alerts when prices drop for your favorite products.

Discover More

Explore your options with product recommendations.

Get Back to your Shopping

Never worry about your tabs again

Whenever you visit a product, Microsoft Shopping Assistant automatically remembers it for you. You can see all of your browsed products by clicking on the Microsoft Shopping Assistant icon in your browser toolbar.

You can also create custom boards to organize your products and categorize your shopping.

Get Price Change Notifications

Add a product to Favorites or to a custom board and the assistant will automatically track its price.

You'll get a notification when the price changes.

Compare Prices and Explore Your Options

Get the best from around the web

Now when you visit a product, Microsoft Shopping Assistant will automatically tell you if there's a better price somewhere else. You'll also get recommendations for similar products so you can find exactly what you're looking for.*

* Features only available in the United States.

With You Wherever You Go

Using the Microsoft Shopping Assistant Android app, you can view your products and get price change notifications directly on your mobile device. You can even save new products you browse by sharing them with the app.

You can also see your products and get price notifications on the go by connecting Microsoft Shopping Assistant with Facebook Messenger.†

† Chatting on Messenger requires you to log in to the assistant in your browser first.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to help you! If you don't see a question on here, please contact us.

  • After downloading the assistant, simply browse products as you normally would. The assistant will automatically save the products you've browsed, and they will appear within the assistant, under “Browsed”. You can also add products to “Favorites” or other boards and get notified when their prices change.

  • Microsoft Shopping Assistant automatically detects and remembers details from web pages for individual products. Search results and catalog pages with multiple products are not captured. Please report any product pages that the assistant missed using the feedback button within the assistant.

  • Add a product to a board and the assistant will automatically start tracking its price. You can do this using the widget that appears in the top right corner of the product pages you visit, or by clicking the Microsoft Shopping Assistant icon in your browser toolbar and navigating to theproduct you want to save. Notifications will appear within the “Notifications” tab in the assistant, and you can also get notifications on your phone and in Facebook Messenger.

  • Microsoft Shopping Assistant does its best to work everywhere you shop, and it's always learning. Please report any incorrect or missing information using the Feedback button within the assistant and we will address the issue as soon as possible.

  • There are many ways you can access the assistant from your mobile device.

  • Logging in allows the assistant to store and retrieve your products across your browsers and devices. You can always use the basic features of the assistant without logging in, but we encourage you to log in to get the most out of the assistant. You can log in using your Google (Gmail), Microsoft (Outlook/Hotmail/Live), or Facebook account.

  • When using the Facebook Messenger app on mobile and signing in through a Google account you may get an error that says "403: disallowed agent". Below are two options to help you sign in.

    Signing in through the desktop extension:

    1. On your desktop's web browser, go to the extension's settings tab
    2. Click the "chat on messenger" button
    3. Follow the sign-in promtps
    4. The assistant should reply with a sign in confirmation and will be ready for use. Now you may continue on your mobile Messenger app

    Signing in through the mobile Messenger app:

    1. In the Facebook Messenger app after trying to sign-in: Tap the back button to return to the sign in screen
    2. Tap the share button on the bottom right of the screen and share to your phone's browser
    3. Select 'Sign in with Google' on the browser instead and complete the sign in process
    4. Return to the messenger app and close the sign in page by hitting "Done" on the top right
    5. The assistant should reply with a sign in confirmation and will be ready for use