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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add or save a product to my shopping assistant?

The assistant is designed to automatically capture and save important details from product pages you browse. After downloading the assistant, simply browse products on the web. Products cards will automatically start appearing within the assistant, under “Browsed”. You can additionally save products you love to “Favorites” or other boards and get notified when their prices change.

Why can I not see the product I browsed in the assistant?

The personal shopping assistant automatically detects and remembers details from web pages for individual products. Search results and catalog pages, with multiple products are not captured. This is done to avoid cluttering your assistant with products that you have not visited. Please report any product pages that the assistant missed, using the feedback button within the assistant.

How do I get price notifications for products I like?

At this time, price tracking and notification is available for products in your personal boards (e.g. “Favorites”). Please add products to your boards with the heart shaped button from within the assistant or by clicking on the blue heart shaped button that appears on the top right corner of a product web page. Notifications will appear within the "Notifications" tab in your assistant on the browser, and in the conversation with the assistant on Facebook Messenger, if you have added the assistant.

The price or image is missing or wrong on a product in the assistant?

Please report these instances along with the product page URL using the Feedback button within the assistant and we will address them in future updates

How do I access the assistant on my phone?

You can access the assistant on your phone in multiple ways:

Please note that you need to sign in first, from the assistant's menu on your browser. A shopping assistant App is in the works, please stay tuned.

Why do I need to sign in?

Signing in allows the assistant to store and retrieve your products across your browsers and devices. You will also be able to interact with the assistant on the web, and on other applications. We encourage you to sign in to get the most out of the assistant. You can always use the basic features of the assistant including price tracking without signing in. We support singing in with your Google (Gmail) or Microsoft (Outlook/Hotmail/Live) or Facebook accounts.

How do I get the latest version of the product?

The assistant is automatically updated via the store every time there is a new version. You can see the current version from the Assistant menu, under settings.

What is the Personal Shopping Assistant Bot?

You can now interact with your Personal Shopping Assistant bot on Facebook Messenger. We built this so that you can get to your products faster and on-the-go, whenever and wherever you need them. The bot will also notify you when prices change for products on your boards and show other places to buy, when available. Please remember to sign in to the assistant on your browser, first.

How do I get and use the bot on Facebook Messenger?

You can get to the bot by clicking on 'Chat on Messenger' under the Assistant menu on the browser. You can also search and add "Personal Shopping Assistant" on your Facebook Messenger or visit You will need to sign in with the same account on both the assistant on the browser and in the conversation with the assistant on Facebook Messenger. You can sign in with any of our three supported services, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

What is a Cortana Skill?

Skills help you complete tasks and get things done, in a natural way. The shopping assistant skill helps you recall products you browsed, find other places to buy, get price changes and organize your shopping into boards. You can enable this skill from Cortana by saying "Hey Cortana, ask shopping assistant for my products". You will need to install the assistant on your browser and sign in first.

What can I do with the Shopping Assistant skill on Cortana?

Here are some of the things you can do with the Assistant on Cortana:

  • Say "Ask shopping assistant for my products" , to get all your browsed products.

  • Say "Ask shopping assistant for my 'shoes' from 'Amazon' ", to get all the shoes you have viewed on Amazon, for example.

  • Say "Ask shopping assistant for my price changes", to get a list of recent price changes of all the products you have shopped for on your browser.

  • Say "Ask shopping assistant for my boards", to get all your shopping boards.

If you are already in a conversation with the Shopping Assistant on Cortana, you can simply say "my products", "my price changes" or "where else can I buy this?".